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Apr 14, 2013
The Reptile Report
by Robyn

The Reptile Report - Personalities- A Media Resource

I have a lifelong interest in all reptiles especially pythons. With the current season I’ll have bred pythons each and every one of the last 40 years. I’ve been a full time commercial breeder since 1988 and during that time I’ve been responsible for producing and bringing to market numerous color and pattern mutations of several python species. I think I may be the longest continuously operating full time commercial producer of reptiles for the pet trade. I live and breathe this stuff!

On the academic side I graduated from the University of Kansas with a degree in biology later received a Masters degree in herpetology from KU as well.

I’ve published numerous articles in Reptiles Magazine and other publications both in the US and overseas. I’ve made several television appearances including multiple appearances on Late Night with David Letterman along with National Geographic Today, Fox News and Good Morning America. Additionally, I’ve appeared on several television shows overseas and have supplied animals for numerous other shows as well.

In the current environment of increasing regulation I’m especially concerned about those restrictions that affect our ability to keep the animals of our choosing without undue government interference. I abhor compromise in this area and believe it’s important to fight these new and unwarranted rules at every level of government.

I am available to contribute in these areas:

  • television/video- yes
  • radio- yes
  • photography- no
  • video production- no
  • consulting- no
  • interviews- yes
  • referrals- yes
  • quotes- yes
  • writing- yes
  • hosting- no
  • organization- no
  • breeding/husbandry info- yes
  • natural habitat info- no
  • research- no

I can be reached at and 405-722-5017. and Bob Clark Reptiles on Facebook

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