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Apr 14, 2013
The Reptile Report
by Robyn

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John Mack is the founder, CEO, and owner of Reptiles by Mack of Xenia, OH. Reptiles by Mack is one of the largest breeders, wholesalers and suppliers of captive-bred reptiles in the United States.

John founded Reptiles by Mack in 1985 and has grown his company from a simple husband-and-wife team operating out of their home basement, to a massive complex with a full-time staff of animal care technicians. Reptiles by Mack helped spearhead the captive-breeding push in reptile sales, representing a fundamental shift in the way reptiles and amphibians entered the pet trade. Reptiles by Mack provides hundreds of pet stores nationwide and internationally with various snakes, bearded dragons, geckos, ball pythons, boa constrictors, and numerous other exotic animals.

Currently, Reptiles by Mack continues to expand in scope and breadth. In recent years, Reptiles by Mack has utilized captive breeding to provide new morphs and color patterns to numerous already-existing animals, including the Mack Snow and Mack Super-Snow leopard geckos and the T+ Albino and Motley Argentine boa constrictors. John also represents Reptiles by Mack at reptile shows and trade shows across the United States

John currently writes a monthly column in Pet Age magazine, focusing specifically on the role of reptiles in modern pet stores, assisting store owners in entering this new frontier of pet ownership.

John is available to contribute in these areas:

  • television/video- yes
  • radio- yes
  • photography- yes
  • video production- yes
  • consulting- no
  • interviews- yes
  • referrals- yes
  • quotes- yes
  • writing- yes
  • hosting- no
  • organization- no
  • breeding/husbandry info- yes
  • natural habitat info- yes
  • research- yes

John Mack can be reached at 937-372-9570 or toll-free at 888-372-9570, as well as online via Visit for more information.


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