Reptile Shipping- YOU CAN DO BETTER

Apr 12, 2013
by Robyn

Facebook - This is a pic of an incoming reptile shipment from Daniel Solis’ FB page. Daniel was underwhelmed (to put it mildly) at the choices made with this packaging and box selection.

Comments get a bit ranty, but that is beside the point. YOU CAN DO BETTER.

As a reptile hobby and industry, we face anti-reptile legislation across the country, from all sides. We should not provide more ammunition to be used against us in this fight. If you are shipping live reptiles, do it professionally. Hold yourself to a high standard. Use new boxes, use well-fitting and appropriate insulation. Present yourself, and your reptiles, in a professional and responsible fashion.

It isn’t hard, the proper packaging materials are out there. The knowledge and how-to guidelines are out there. There is no excuse for this execution. And it is hard to recover from the poor experience it gives your customer/recipient.

See the full size pic, and read the disappointment, after the jump.

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