ReptiMate Leopard Gecko Genetics Calculator

Jul 2, 2016
On the Web
by Editor in Chief

On the Web - is a breath of fresh air when it comes to working out leopard gecko genetics. Over 1.5 years of hard work has gone into the site and ReptiMate has become a balanced and easy to use tool – no complicated forms here! While it is currently in Beta, it is completely open for the public to use.

ReptiMate was built with new breeders in mind. Other calculators can either be confusing to use or have some bad information in them that makes it tough to understand what is going on.

All you need to do to accurately calculate the genetics of your gecko’s offspring is to select a variety of options from some drop down boxes and hit calculate – the site does the rest for you.

ReptiMate is a fully responsive web app. This means that it will work across all devices. In time there will also be a native application coming to Windows Phone, Android and iOS.

ReptiMate is different from other genetic calculators for the following reasons:

Unlike any of the other popular genetics calculators for leopard geckos, ReptiMate shows you the percentage chance of a recessive gene being carried (50%, 66% or 100%) as well as providing a table that shows the percentage chance of hitting each out come from your clutches.

ReptiMate will also be rolling out a Punnet square option within the next week. This means that when you calculate your offspring, you will see a Punnet square of the parental genetics so you can see how each outcome was calculated.

Due to the nature of how the script works, a legend was written for what each genotype outcome means when it’s written as a gene pair – EE for example would mean homozygous for Eclipse, whereas Ee would mean Heterozygous for Eclipse.

Some information for upcoming features are below:

Translations: ReptiMate will soon be available in English, Spanish, Portuguese and German. Other languages will be added over the coming months.

User accounts: In time there will be an option to create a user account and save pairing information for future use.

Advertising spots: Real estate spots will be available on the site that users can use to advertise their businesses or leopard gecko pages.

Tooltips: The Hatch Percentage section will soon have tooltips over every gene pair. This means that when you hover over ‘BB’ it will say “Bell Albino” or when you hover over ‘Bb’ it will say “HET Bell Albino”.

The calculator can be used at Check out the ReptiMate Facebook page here: There is also a Facebook group where feature requests can be made, bugs can be reported and updates can be seen here:

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