ROR: Highest Percentage Super Dwarf Phantoms Ever

Feb 10, 2020
by Editor in Chief

YouTube - What happens when two life-long super dwarf reticulated python breeders get an idea and work together to push a breeding project as hard as they can? 87.5% super dwarf phantoms…that’s what. You heard that right–these tiny little phantoms are the result of three generations of breeding phantom males into the smallest localities of reticulated pythons. With only 12.5% Mainland left in them, these are a full two generations of selective breeding down for small size ahead of anyone else, and it couldn’t be done apart from Garrett Hartle of Reach Out Reptiles’ team effort with Andrew Acevedo of AA Exotics.

This clutch had spectacular results, but came at a high price…too high. Listen as Andrew and Garrett discuss the challenges of producing these animals, and why this breeding will never be repeated.

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