SILP: Unique Species, Geckos, and Conservation with Dillon Damuth of Gecko Labs

Nov 12, 2019
On the Web
by Editor in Chief

On the Web - On Session Twenty-Three of the Strength In Leos Podcast, Evan speaks with Dillon Damuth of Gecko Labs about a few distinct reptile species, as well as the importance of conservation. Dillon has a very strong background in Biological Sciences and is currently working on his PhD. In the last few years, he has begun to focus more heavily on advancing husbandry, studying behavior more intricately, and now delegates a large chunk of profits to help fund conservation, specifically Urban Ark Conservation. Dillon is a wealth of knowledge and shares some great advice in regard to specific viewpoints as keepers in the hobby. Listen in to learn more about Dillon’s operation and quite a few different species that are very rare in captive collections.

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