SYR Winter Contest: Win a Ball Python!

Feb 1, 2019
by Editor in Chief

Facebook - The contest has now ended. Congratulations to McKenzie Bowling for winning the fire spotnose GHI ball python!

ShipYourReptiles need YOU to help spread the message that hand warmers and the overuse of heat packs can be deadly to reptiles during shipping. To that end, Justin Kobylka of J. Kobylka Reptiles has donated a male fire spotnose GHI ball python to be awarded to one lucky person helping to get this critical message out to the reptile world.

Overheating of animals during shipping is the #1 cause of DOAs (Dead on Arrival). Hand warmers may be great in your mittens at a football game, but they are death in a shipping box. The only approved heat packs for safe live reptile shipping are 40-hour packs, or longer. Anything shorter will burn too hot. Hand warmers peak at 180F! And they don’t give you any protection in the case of a shipping delay. Even the approved 40 or 72-hour packs can be dangerous when used improperly, or when more than one heat pack is used.

Follow the ShipYourReptiles guidelines for heat pack use and temperature guidelines-

Some shippers think that if one heat pack is good, then more will be better. This is WRONG. TOO MUCH HEAT IN THE BOX CAN CAUSE BRAIN DAMAGE AND DEATH. Reptiles can deal with cool temps much better than they can deal with hot temps. The goal of the heat pack is NOT to heat the box or the animal. The goal of the heat pack is to keep the box from getting too cold. More is NOT better when it comes to heat packs!

How can you win this beautiful snake? SHARE THIS MESSAGE! You must share directly from the ShipYourReptiles Facebook page before 3pm Eastern time on February 14th, 2019. At that time, we will randomly choose a winner from all those that have shared from the SYR page. The winner will be announced the same day. The snake can only be shipped in the domestic/Continental US, sorry.

We bust our butts at ShipYourReptiles to give you and your live reptiles the best chance of success! Follow the SYR Shipping Standards and guidelines for packaging, weather, temperatures and heat pack use for safe and responsible shipping all year long. We are here to support you and answer any questions! Contact us at 303-730-2125 and

Please help us reach as many as possible with this critical message! Have a terrific (and safe!) winter shipping season. Best of luck to you all!

Enter the contest by clicking the big green arrow below and sharing the contest post from the ShipYourReptiles page.

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