TBD: How to Set Up a Crocodile Skink Bioactive Terrarium

Feb 27, 2020
by Editor in Chief

YouTube - In this video The Bio Dude and Robyn Markland (of The Reptile Report and THG Heat) set up and discuss how to create a self-cleaning, self-maintaining bioactive terrarium for a crocodile skink. This amazing, secretive species is a great terrarium subject and loves a terrestrial bioactive environment with plenty of nooks and crevices to hide. Josh and Robyn talk about their experiences breeding this species, the care and skill level required for keeping them, and what makes them so unique as a species as a whole. The terrarium size is a 24″x18″x18″ and is utilizing The Dude’s Terra Flora with a HydroGrow drainage layer. They also use BioShot, isopods and springtails to encourage bioactivity in the enclosure.

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