The Boa Constrictor – A DVD Review

Jun 28, 2013
The Reptile Report
by Editor in Chief

The Reptile Report - “Boa constrictor keeping and breeding video: Jeremy Stone and Josh Ketchum walk you through the Boa constrictor imperator step by step. This guide will give you an inside look at proper techniques of keeping Boa constrictor imperator. Jeremy Stone takes you through his private breeding facility and shows some of his best secrets, with over four years of filming that will help you raise, breed, and keep this spectacular snake.”

That is the description and promise made on the back of this DVD box. After having watched the DVD, I have to say that it lived up to its promise. It’s not perfect, but without a moment’s hesitation, I would recommend this video to anyone wanting to learn more about boas. And even those already experienced at keeping or breeding may enjoy seeing how someone else does it, and learn some new tricks along the way.

As I said, the video isn’t perfect. The editing can be abrupt and choppy. Sometimes it feels like they cut a scene in the middle of a sentence. Sometimes they say they’re about to show something, then immediately cut to something else and forget to go back to the first thing. And I was hoping for at least some basic guidelines on identifying the more common or foundational morphs. Jeremy didn’t get into explaining morphs, but the entire video is two hours of beautiful boa eye candy that wraps up with a slide show of stunning, unnamed morphs. He mentioned creating a Morph Guide video in the future. I will definitely be keeping an eye out for that one!

Aside from those minor flaws, what can you expect from this video? A lot!

In this two hour video, Jeremy and Josh start out with basic husbandry and feeding, going in depth on how they feed babies, juveniles and adults, and why they make the choices they do. They talk about cages and substrate and the temperature ranges they use for their own collection. You’ll also see an amusing and informative demonstration on how to approach and pick up a defensive, “angry” boa.

The video also has a great deal of information and fascinating footage on the breeding process. You’ll learn how to evaluate both males and females to determine their fitness for breeding and how to properly determine the sex of a boa. They talk about how they adjust their ambient temperatures and light cycles to stimulate breeding. They give an in depth demonstration and explanation on how an ultrasound machine can play a key role in a successful breeding season. You’ll also get valuable information on the risks that come in breeding boas.

See lots of amazing footage of courting, breeding, and birthing. Learn when and how to remove a defensive mother from her brood and how to clean and set up the babies.

The video is filled with excellent tips and tricks that can be applied to not only boa constrictors, but also many other reptile-keeping and -breeding ventures. And from beginning to end, it is sprinkled with laugh-out-loud moments.

I’ve only skimmed the surface of all this video has to offer. If you, or anyone you know, is seriously interested in boas, this DVD would be an invaluable resource in the learning process, providing a solid foundation of basic boa husbandry and building a strong framework on which to grow. For those already keeping and/or breeding boas, you’ll find it entertaining and enjoyable at the very least, and may see some cool ideas you hadn’t considered before.

I also watched a companion DVD of bonus material. This gives you another hour of excellent tips and entertainment. They go into more detail about dealing with difficult boas of all sizes, record keeping, and lots of other great stuff.

The Boa Constrictor: Keeping and Breeding Video—brought to you by Jeremy Stone.

I give it four out of five stars and two big thumbs up!

Judy Clothier
Chief Editor of The Reptile Report

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