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Aug 17, 2013
Herp Nation Radio
by Cindy Steinle

Herp Nation Radio - In this episode of The Nick Mutton Show on Herp Nation Radio, Nick was fortunate to be able to site down with Australian Field Biologist Daniel Natush after the conclusion of the ICAS (International Collective Arboreal Symposium) where both Nick and Daniel were giving presentations. Daniel is at the forefront of several current research projects involving green tree pythons (M. viridis and M. azureis), Australian scrub pythons, (M. kinghorni), carpet pythons (M. spilota) as well as several others. This interview touches on several aspects of his research, including ecology, biogeography and taxonomy. An interview with intimate knowledge and insight that can only be gained from years spent in the field in some of the most remote places on earth. Anyone interested in any of these species or any other Indo-Australian pythons will not want to miss this!

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