USARK Action Alert: Federal Animal Program Ban

Jun 10, 2019
by Editor in Chief

USARK - HR2863 has been introduced as the “Traveling Exotic Animal and Public Safety Protection Act” (or TEAPSPA). This bill is a broad-sweeping ban on “traveling animal acts” authored by radical animal rights groups. These animal rights extremists will have again fed legislators their misinformation and false propaganda, and so we must do our job to educate legislators properly. This bill has been introduced previously (more than once) and has not passed.

In very basic terms, this bill states that if an animal that is not widely considered domesticated is placed into a vehicle and taken to any location where it will be shown to someone other than a veterinarian in a private room, then it would become an illegal activity, and you a criminal. For instance, you could be a federal criminal for taking a leopard gecko into a school classroom for a presentation.

Voice your opposition to this bill and educate legislators now! Click the big green arrow below to go to the USARK website to learn how to take action.

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