USARK: Action Alert Nevada

Nov 1, 2017
by Editor in Chief

USARK - The Nevada Board of Wildlife Commissioners may consider making changes to the current regulation regarding the noncommercial hobby collecting of non-threatened (or “unprotected”) species of reptiles and amphibians. Species on the state unprotected list already currently have bag and possession limits, so they are actually still protected by law.

A major issue lies with the fact that those dedicated enthusiasts breeding these species will have more than the bag and possession limits allow. They are not removing animals from the wild, but are breeding them under human care. Also, sustainable collection does not harm the future of native populations and can strengthen the gene pools of animals kept by humans.

Nevada herp enthusiasts and conservationists would like to use this public comment period for suggesting the creation and implementation of a legal captive propagation system. Unfortunately, Nevada does not allow the breeding and selling of native species. By allowing Nevada herpetoculturists to breed native species, the pressure upon wild animals will be alleviated, if not removed entirely (demand for native species could be met through captive breeding efforts).

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