USARK: Action Alert–West Virginia Reptile Ban

Jul 10, 2019
by Editor in Chief

USARK - The West Virginia Dangerous Wild Animal (DWA) Board has released its plan to ban many species of reptiles. It is early in the process, but opposition needs to begin now. Please note that is not a state bill (yet), which is why it does not have a bill number. The proposal must go through the DWA Board before making its way through the legislature. Stop it now at this early stage.

The below species will be listed as DWA’s in West Virginia. That means no future ownership, registration of current animals, compliance with ZAA caging standards (which are designed for public exhibition) and expensive liability insurance coverage for any grandfathered animals. Essentially, this should be considered a ban on all of these species:

1. Constrictor snakes greater than six feet
2. All venomous snakes
3. All crocodilians
4. Monitor lizards greater than four feet
5. Venomous lizards

Click the big green arrow below to learn more about the ban and how to oppose it. The deadline to comment is July 22nd at noon.

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