USARK: New Hampshire SB161

Feb 5, 2019
by Editor in Chief

USARK - A hearing on Senate Bill 161 will be held on February 7th, 2019 at 9:30am at the New Hampshire State House located at 107 N Main Street, Room 103, Concord, NH 03303.

This proposed bill amends (or edits) the current “Sale of Pets” law (RSA 437:1) in the state of New Hampshire. It removes the current language of “engaged in the business of transferring” and replaces it with “that transfers 20 or more” and creates the term pet vendor. It applies to any animal that can be sold as a pet, so basically all species. Under the current language, inspectors usually apply this law to pet shops.

The problem lies in the vagueness of the current language. “Engaged in the business of transferring” is not defined. Does the transfer of one animal qualify as engaged in business or does there need to be everyday transfers, like a pet shop? Essentially, a person transferring just one animal could be considered a pet vendor, or you could argue it applies to legitimate commercial businesses selling lots of animals (brick and mortar or internet).

Under this new bill, every person who sells or transfers pet animals has to surrender all privacy rights, open their home to inspections, register with the State, maintain records, and more.

Click the big green arrow below to learn how to oppose this over-reaching bill.

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