USARK: Waynesboro, PA Exotic Animal Ban and Pet Limit

Apr 19, 2017
by Editor in Chief

USARK - Hearing on April 19th, 2017 at 6:40pm on the second floor of the Council of Chambers at 55 East Main Street, Waynesboro, Pennsylvania.

The city of Waynesboro, Pennsylvania has proposed a ban on “restricting snakes” and much more. This proposal amends the zoning ordinance of the city. Buried amongst a huge list of other amendments in a 190-page document is a ban on the possession of more than four (4) animals in any combination of species, except fish, in any household. There is also a blanket ban on “exotic animals” with a vague definition, which specifically includes “python.” Click the big green arrow below to learn how to oppose this ordinance.

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