WhitePython™ Launch New Digital Monitoring Devices

Jul 3, 2014
On the Web
by Asst. Editor in Chief

On the Web - Stylish & functional, WhitePython™ create new digital thermometers and hygrometers.

It’s vitally important for all reptile keepers to keep an accurate check on their terrariums temperature and in some cases, humidity levels. Many species can quickly succumb to physiological and psychological issues without the correct environmental control.

WhitePython™ has introduced a new, modern approach to monitoring your terrarium’s environment with their new circular, digital display units.

Their Max-Min Thermometer measures the temperature through an external probe, which can be placed inside the terrarium. This can track and store the minimum and maximum temperatures at this location across a period of time until the user resets it. This is ideal for those who are unsure about what happens when they’re not around.

The Thermometer – Hygrometer is a simple instrument that can be placed inside the terrarium and shows in a simple display both the temperature and humidity level.

Each device features a strong clip on the reverse or a suction cup for easy application.

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