Zilla’s Beyond the Glass: Emperor Scorpion

Sep 11, 2019
by Editor in Chief

YouTube - Myke Clarkson and the Zilla team are in West Africa looking for the emperor scorpion. During their trek they find a Home’s hinge-back tortoise (Kinixys homeana) and a banded gecko (Hemidactylus kyaboboensis). After a grueling climb up the mountain, Myke finally completes his search for the emperor scorpion (Pandinus imperator). Probably the most popular pet scorpion in the entire hobby, these scorpions are large, impressive, and easy to keep. Their preferred biome is layers of rocks/dead trees, and they eat small invertebrates. Always keep scorpions in an area with good airflow. If ventilation is not provided, the chance of mold growth increases.

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